Iris recognition access control solutions

Industry background


Access control system is an important part of modern security system. The technological level of access control system in security, advancement, stability, network and other aspects in the market has constantly improvement along with the improvement of security level requirements of people to access control system. At present, high-end access control system is often equipped with biometrics technology to finish accurate discrimination to the individual identity of cardholder. Beijing IrisKing Co., Ltd. launched iris access control solutions by introducing iris recognition technology in order to better solve the hidden dangers of traditional access control.

System introduction

The iris recognition access control system adopted of Beijing IrisKing Co., Ltd. is embedded iris recognition device with completely independent intellectual property right to realize information extraction, identity verification, information management and other functions of personnel identity by iris recognition technology integrated with iris recognition technology, computer, network, database and other diversified technologies, meanwhile, it can realize accurate, rapid and intelligent access control by cooperating with professional access control device. In addition, the access control system can be widely used in the access control of finance, judiciary, military, building, company, etc.

System characteristics

1. Global advanced iris recognition technology.

2. International leading iris recognition algorithm

3. International first-class in vivo detection technology

4. Strong system function