Iris identity recognition solutions in finance

Industry background

There are more and more places and business that need to conduct identity authentication and the requirements to the security, portability and various aspects become higher and higher along with more and more abundant business in financial industry. The traditional authentication method of smart card and password has easy counterfeit, loss, replacement and other security vulnerabilities to cause the occurrence of illegal use of ID card for borrowing, faking operation of insider and other events that affect customer or enterprise benefits.

Beijing IrisKing Co., Ltd. proposes financial industry solutions by aiming at the existing problems in financial industry.

Scheme details



Depositing and withdrawing money solution for iris recognition ATM machine without card



Scheme advantages

1. Easy integration and convenient system docking

Iris recognition module can be integrated to ATM machine under the situation of no change to the appearance of ATM machine and be docked with the existing business system of financial industry by “secondary development”. The recognition distance can be customized, moreover, IC card, face recognition and multi-modal recognition can be added.

2. High accuracy and fast speed of verification of large-scale population

The exclusive iris recognition algorithm developed by Beijing IrisKing Co., Ltd. can realize the completion of comparison of million-level population base in millisecond to determine personal identity and the self-in vivo detection and other anti-counterfeit technologies can realize one ten-millionth of mis-recognition. In addition, it can meet the identity authentication of large-scale personnel by cloud platform processing of IrisKing.

3. Strong usability, simple and convenient use

The registration process is less than 5s and the recognition time is less than 1s. It can improve user recognition experience by screen feedback, word reminding, voice reminding, multicolor lamp feedback and other methods.

4. “Cloud platform” technology of IrisKing can realize national network

It can realize national business system network, remote authorization and reduce operation cost of enterprise by cloud platform technology and connectivity technology of IrisKing.

5. Stable product operation and good robustness

It can be in long-term stable operation indoors. If there is any emergency, it can achieve information security backup and recovery.