Iris recognition mobile terminal solutions

Industry background

Mobile phone, tablet and various mobile terminal products and applications have a rapid development based on the rapid development of internet, which have popularized and blended into people’s life and work. Meanwhile, mobile terminal also faces more and more security threats and challenges, at present, fingerprint recognition, password and other technologies are widely used in mobile terminal devices. Because the above-mentioned technologies have easy counterfeit, stolen, high false accept rate (FAR) and other hidden dangers, the application of biometrics technology with higher security level in mobile terminal became the future development trend. Based on this, Beijing IrisKing Co., Ltd. launches professional iris security overall solutions aiming at mobile terminal by introducing iris recognition technology into unlocking, login, authorization, payment, encryption and other links of mobile terminal.

Scheme advantages

1、Label drive

The developed recognition algorithm evaluation based on millions of iris image library meets international and domestic industrial standards (ISO/IEC 19794-6 and GB/T 20979-2007)

2、Convenient use

Blend face detection, eye detection, image quality evaluation and self-vision voice feedback technology to realize natural user interaction and extreme user experience.

3、Easy integration

2M, 5M, 8M and various sensors are available and cooperate with professional lens to meet different application requirements, moreover, the small-sized module can be integrated to various mobile devices with the recognition distance of 20-45cm.

4、Safety and reliability

The ratio of error reception of the developed recognition algorithm based on millions of iris image library is less than one millionth and the international leading in vivo detection technology rejects the attacks of fake iris.

Security system login, 

safety management of information, 

documents and applications, 

office system access, 

financial payment authentication