Public security management solutions

Industry background

The traditional identity recognition technology with password as characteristic has been increasingly difficult to meet the needs of anti-terrorist, criminal investigation, security defense and other aspects. Only establish effective crisis warning and disposal plan by scientific means, and formulate effective warning and emergency management measures to public security problems timely, rapidly, effectively and intuitively, meanwhile, it can break through traditional command and scheduling models to let administrator can motivate resources rapidly and effectively, grasp risk control and other problems in crisis management process, which has become the urgent issue in current construction of public security system. Iris recognition technology, as the main means to solve this problem, is getting more and more widely attention. Now, Beijing IrisKing Co., Ltd. launches public security solutions to make identity recognition become accurate, efficient and simple so as to strive for “zero risk” of public security according to the requirements of public security field.

Scheme advantages

1. Iris recognition technology has high accuracy and fast recognition velocity

The international first-class iris recognition algorithm was awarded as the second prize of national technological invention and champion of Noisy Iris Challenge Evaluation-Part I (NICE.I) and Noisy Iris Challenge Evaluation-Part II (NICE.II). It can realize in vivo detection anti-counterfeiting with false accept rate (FAR) of less than 0.00001% and false rejection rate (FRR) of less than 0.1%. The registration time is less than 5s and the recognition time is less than 1s.

2. The registered recognition distance can be customized according to the demands of customers and the man-machine interaction is simple and efficient

The registered recognition scope can realize 20-180cm. It can be aligned by screen feedback, voice reminding and color change instructions.

3. Strong usability, convenient operation and customizable development

It is suitable for Windows, Unix, Linux and other operating systems. Customers can use IrisKing bundled software directly and conduct secondary development with SDK according to own situation. The registered recognition population is 1:N mode, customized and the maximum population can reach to ten thousand.

4. More convenient for remote office

Adopt connectivity technology and IrisKing cloud technology to realize multi-machine recognition and remote recognition after the registration on one machine.

5. Multi-modal recognition

It can adopt face recognition, IC card recognition, ID card recognition and other kinds of recognition modes.

6.The device can be in long-term stable operation indoors

The working environment is indoor environment with storage temperature of -20~50, working temperature of 0~40 and relative humidity of less than 90% without condensation of moisture.

System structure