Public security management solutions

The traditional identity recognition technology with password as characteristic has been increasingly difficult to meet the needs of anti-terrorist, criminal investigation, security defense and other aspects.

Iris recognition mobile terminal solutions

Mobile phone, tablet and various mobile terminal products and applications have a rapid development based on the rapid development of internet, which have popularized and blended into people’s life and work.

Iris identity recognition solutions in finance

There are more and more places and business that need to conduct identity authentication and the requirements to the security, portability and various aspects become higher and higher along with more and more abundant business in financial industry.

Iris recognition access control solutions

Access control system is an important part of modern security system. The technological level of access control system in security, advancement, stability, network and other aspects in the market has constantly improvement along with the improvement of security level requirements of people to access control system. 。

Mine personnel iris recognition safety system

Coal is the important strategic resources in China, of which the safety production has close relationship with national interest and people’s livelihood. However, the national coal mine safety production situation is still severe, which wakes alarm bell by knocking for personnel supervision of coal mine.